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I like Saber Squadron, if anyone doesn't let it be known. Not that I'd change it but I just wanna know who doesn't like it.

O and TG you didn't hive a personal radio name, you're Squadron name is Saber 2 (I'm Saber 1.)

Ah heck, strike the personal name idea, just tell me what group you wanna be in

Currently it is:

Saber 1-GM NPC : Master Shenn Jrulen
Saber 2-Tie Guy : Dyn Westl
Saber 3-Wraith 5 : Devdel
Saber 4-Fergie : Jec Sporkwind
Saber 5-Bobo : Kenji
Saber 6-Redwing : Rey Adi Seyah
Saber 7-Artoo : Chiso Teralyne
Saber 8-Rhett : Boba Rhett

Sabers 2-4 is the main group.
Sabers 5+6 is Support group 1.
Sabers 7+8 is Support group 2.
Like I said before I'm my own group.

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