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Originally posted by Ken Kasanagi
for the saberlock script, wont a simple "+attack; -attack;" b enough as long as u hold the button? if u add all those attck commands in it, wont the game read the move by how long u press the button times how many attack comand per button? i had a bad experience with this when i hold was leaning my palm on a button (z) that i scriupt to do a horzontal slash, it stuck there doing this move for like a min......

Good point. I believe the best way to script a saberlock script would be to bind it to the mousewheel. That's the best way to control it. I personally have pull to mousewheel down and push to mouse wheel up. You can easily make a script that with a press of a button, binds the mousewheel up and down to attacks. Then with the same button press, rebinds them to thier previous binds. The only concern there is that you have to press a button to config the script to the mosue wheel, loosing seconds (maybe half a second if you are fast enough). This will not due if you know they have a better written sberlock script.

Originally posted by Ken Kasanagi
and here's sumthing i thought would b great for a Mercs out there, is there any way asign a button to let the sniper gun zoom in for one second then quickly fire? that way merc can have a use the more powerful secondary fire while still b able to move round
it would b like using a rail gun in Q2,
Why not bind a key that when held down, will zoom in and charge the shot. When you let it go it'll fire, then zoom out. With the +/- binds it should be easy as pie. Would anyone use it? If so post here and i'll make it quickly.

Originally posted by Genko
i binded +attack; -attack and it doesnt work too
A single +attack; -attack won't work... That just hit attack once for you. The idea is to get the script to constantly hit attack, untill you deactivate it, without having to wait till the script ends. I still think the mouse wheel would be the best way.

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