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Originally posted by Ken Kasanagi
no jaraDai, i dont mean the charge shot i mean the secondary fire wifout charge up, but thanx i got the idea now, i just mean having a script that let u fire the secondary fire like a normal one, toggle the zoom in and the quickly fire then zoom out, so if its done on script it can happen so fast the zoom view will not show up, it'll just fire the 2ndary fire (which is alot stronger than the normal one) while ur running around.

Aye, i get ya... i was under the impression that the secondary fire was more powerful becuase you charge it. Without a charge i thought it was just as strong as normal. I also think that there's a zoom in/out animation. So even if it's done really fast, there will be some "delay" as the weapon will zoom out.

How would you like it? Bound to a key for that weapon only or as a toggle? Say i use mouse1 to fire all my stuff like normal, woiuld you want it as another button on the keyboard to fire it or as a toggle so that i hit it when i pull the gun out and mouse1 is nor the button that fire the weapon in that fashion.

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