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Originally posted by PETEYKing
People call scripts cheats becuase scripts come out more accuratley than you doing it and it only requires you to push one button

I wouldn't say that, they come across one way, without the ability to improvise (sp?). They do what they were made to do without error, true. But the certain circumstances that they were built for doesn't always happen. Unlike human's ability to "pull something out of your a$$", script don't have an a$$.

The last part is right, one button usually. I personally think people called them cheats becuase;

1. They didn't think of it themselves and thus consider it unfair.

2. They don't have the knowledge on how to use them so they consider them unfair. "If i can't use it no one should."

3. They are full of themselves.

4. They have no idea what a script can and can't do.

One of these usually applies.

Originally posted by LAFS04
how do I do the push backstab combo?

You target the enemy and use force push. It's best to wait till they are attacking and using the force. When they fly and fall to the ground you run to them, getting near and turning 180 degrees (you can sometimes get away with only turning 120 degrees) and hit back and attack.

If you want a script for it, i'd say no way... too many variables to script it. Can't be done effectively, you don't know if they will fall when pushed, you don't know how far they will fly. Hell they might not even be on the ground by the time you get to them.

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