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*As the battle outside waged, the New Republic commanders were nervous... not one of teh Crimson Star's weapons fired.

Then, the Anti-Matter cannon pulsed with energy, and blasted a capital ship to oblivion, the shock wave taking a chunk out of two near by cruisers. The superlasers began to erupt in an impressive display of precision targeting, taking out cruiser after cruiser. then silence. Turbo lasers began licking the fighters and the remaining cruisers.
Down in the shaft, the fighters began thier runs, only to find what started as a peaceful nav, to a fight for thier lives. Ion cannons spoke angerly, disabling many of the fighters. Flax's fighter's shields hold, and manages to get to the main reactor core. Suddenly, his ship is rocked with a tremendous force, lurching forward, than it stoped. He looked around, and saw a massive Ion cannon sitting in the "reactor". He'd been tricked.

The Ion cannon smashed down his shields with a single blast. Rather than falling, Flax's fighter is pulled towards the opposite end of the dummy "reactor", by an invisible yet powerful force... tractor beams. His fighter is rapidly drawn into a waiting hangar and smashed none to gently into the opposite end, knocking him unconscious. Imperial guards surrounded the fhighter, and forced the cockpit open, firing several stun bolts into the cockpit... They took no chances. The Jedi Binder stood waiting, and he was secured in.

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