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*Starr backs away from the fight, and wrinkles his brow and shuts his eyes in a look of concentration. He puts forward his hands, and...

..suddenly the Reborn go flying, with a shocked-looking Reletha flying after them. Starr grabs Odin and Deac and points to a spot on the wall ahead in the hallway*

There! It's disguised with a hologram! It's the way to Cracken!

*Starr Force-speeds away---and sure enough, right through the wall. Deac and Odin follow---

And suddenly a huge durasteel door slams behind them. They can hear another close behind it, and another behind that, and several more behind those. The room fills with knockout gas. The ceiling reveal a gigantic ion cannon. An enormous bolt engulfs Deac and Odin and fills the room, and then all there is is blackness.*

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