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I don't mind the pull backstabers... They don't bother me. Hell i manually use pull/push backstab, i don't use a script for it. Using a script for that move just means you have to get in perfect position. The script will (if configured right) turn you exactly 180 degrees and then backstab. I can shave off more time by doing it manually, and if the guy get's up before i get there, i don't backstab, but if you script it, you have to wait till the script ends, usually missing the backstab.

See what it comes down to is either you use script to enhance YOUR play, or you enhance your play WITH scripts. There's a difference. One relies on the scripts, the other tweaks thier game play with them.

To change to extension you should first open up Windows Explorer. Look on the top drop down menus and look for Tools (near Help). Select Folder options. Then select the tab View. In the window uncheck the option for "hide file extensions of known file types".

Then Apply it and go see the cfg file, right click and select rename. Then delete the .txt


You can save yourself the trouble by saving it as a .cfg file. To do this, write your script in notepad. Select "save as" and in the drop down box under where you type the name of the file (line "save file as"), select "all files". Then enter the name you wish the script to have and put a .cfg at the end of it. It should save as a .cfg file.

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