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((OOS: Disclaimer: This post has been written by both Cmdr. Cracken and me via Instant Messenger to keep the number of necessary replies down.))

*Cracken sits in his sanctum, in deep meditation. a cloacked figure walks into the room.*

Cracken: is it finished?

*The figure keeps his head bowed in reverence* Yes, Master. The illusions of the Reborn, Syrnl's daughter, and the Force-cloaked room were successful. Deac Starkiller and the one named Odin are now in our hands.

The figure lifts his head. It is the face of Starr Hailfire.*

Cracken: Good. you have done well, my young apprentice. *Cracken's chair swivles, and he now looks down upon his charge* you may rise. *Cracken gets up, and motions Starr to walks beside him* and what of the New Republic Government? have they answered our offer for surrendure?

Starr: No, my lord. They still refuse.

Cracken: I see. i must attend to that buisness myself. have the fleet jump to Coruscant. I will discuss the surendure with them... personally.

Starr: Yes, my lord. *he walks out of the room, and then returns a few minutes later* We are on our way.

Cracken: Good. *Cracken and Starr walk down several hall ways, and end up in a large command chamber. four figures can be seen floating in the far end of the large chamber, suspended in Jedi Binders.

((OOS note by Redwing: Think the thing Dooku had Obi-Wan suspended in in Episode Two on Geonosis. In this RPG, they're being called Jedi Binders, for lack of better term.))

A blue hue fills the room. Techs are feeding a small reptilian animal... a Ysalimari, one for each of the men in the prison Cracken built: Flax, Deac, and Odin. Three. The fourth Binder has no ysalamir for it. Termand Rwos floats unconscious inside it.*

Cracken: Well, gentlemen, i see your little adventure is at an end. May i introduce my apprentice, Starr Hailfire.

Starr: *smiles wickedly* I can't believe you took it seriously when I 'destroyed' the 'Sith apprentice' that had somehow magicked its way onto your ship. You should have suspected many times, but especially then. I thought my act was rather transparent, myself. Oh well, too late for you now...pity. If you hadn't listened to me, then none of you would be here, and you might have still had a chance.

Cracken: by now you have realized you cannot destroy this station, as teh anti-matter would be enough to annihilate... well, you do the math. especially.. when we're in the very heart of the galaxy... *Cracken waves his hand, and a large viewscreen flickers on. Coruscant*

Cracken: i doubt you will try any heroics now.

((OOS: If anyone paid attention to the prophecy in the Cantina 5...this was foretold ))

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