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Coming back to consciousness Odin stares viscously at Starr. Unknow to the others in the party, Odin carries an implanted beacon, designed to go off in case he ever became unconsioucs.

*on the world of Asgard*

Einherjar comm officer: Inform the councel that something has happened to Lord Odin.

Einherjar soldier:As commanded.

Later during the council sesion.

Vidar(standing in for Odin):It is agreed then, we go to war. We either retrive Lord Odin, or die with him and the rest of the galaxy.

*back to Odin and the others*

Einherjar left to guard the ship, begin to get blood thristy. When the beacon goes off, they decide to fulfill their desire to kill the enemy. Moving stealthly down the corradors they come upon a group of reborns talking about the captives and where they were kept. After the reborn finished their conversation the Einherjar pounced.

Each taking their own Reborn by surpise, the Einherjar disguise themselves as Reborn, and move to the location of Odin, leaving hte four enemy soldiers in the corrador with their throats slit.

Wandering into the prison chambers, now occupied only by Starr, the Einherjar take flanking positions. Pulling out never before seen weapons, the Einherjar shoot Starr in the back. He collapses in a momentarily stunned.

Rushing to Odin's side, the Einherjar tech officer, searches for a way to release Odin from his bindings. Getting frustrated, the tech officer takes his sword and destroyes the consoles. The act turning off the Jedi Binders. Releasing a now very angry man.

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