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((OOS: @Admiral:There are no Reborn. It was all an illusion, there to give something to slow you down and give Starr an excuse for not being able to find Cracken immediately

Plus if you actually broke free (yet) Cracken could easily destroy Coruscant. I hope Vidar didn't mean that part about dying with him and the rest of the galaxy ))

*An enraged Odin rushes at full speed...straight towards the Einherjar. He swings his sword and stabs the Einherjar next to him, and then stabs the next nearest Einherjar before they have time to react. Force lightning comes out of nowhere and knocks the other two Einherjar unconscious as they try to reconcile their Master's transformation.

The illusion dispells as the Einherjar fall. The command chamber appears to expand in size, revealing consoles still intact and Binders also intact on the other side of the room. Starr Hailfire, breathing hard, stands over them as they fall into unconsciousness.

Starr: Now that's done. *to the guards that fill the room* That should have killed them...would have killed them...but these "Einherjar" seem to be as tough as Odin described them. Take their weapons, strip them, and put them in the cellblock suspended in vacuum. If they manage to escape again they'll simply die.

*turns towards the captives, still in the Jedi Binders* NOW do you see that it is HOPELESS? Fools! Nothing will stop my master from taking control of the galaxy. And if any of you try anything, Coruscant will be destroyed! *Starr strides out angrily*

*Rwos stirs, showing his first signs of life. His binder is suspended above the other three. He looks down at Odin and the others below him*

Odin...Flax...Deac? All of you? No...

((OOS: No, Starr doesn't know about the beacon; small oversight...

*waits for Deac and Battledog to reply with their reactions*))

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