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*Cracken is seen simling with glee*
Calm youself, young apprentice. They shall get thiers...
*Notices Flax stirring*
Well, i think one of our esteemed guests is waking up.
*looks at Deac*
How does it feel? hmm? to have that mangled thing you call a body? a pity. i could have given you a new one, you know. but alas, your fate has been chosen. Like Vader, you are more machine than man.
*His comlink chirps* Ah, well, i must be off. I must give your governemnt credit. They refused every offer. now, i think i have an offer that cannot refuse.

*To Starr* "Entertain" our guests. *Points to Flax* Him first.
*Starr gives a bow, and Cracken walks out. He strides down the hall way, and after a bit, he enters a hanger bay. His shuttle, prepped and waiting, and his escort entourage. He boards, and several decoys leave the station, all with the same markings and escorts. The make for Coruscant*

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