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((@Redwing, make them Stormies then, point is Odin's Bodyguards found out where he was.

Also as far as the Aesir are concered, the New Republic is not worth their time. They enbrace death, and believe it is better to die then live among evil. If their actions to take out the galaxy then it makes no difference to them.

The Einherjar, are now extermly pissed at Starr. Further more, part of their training, allows them to see an illusionist after an illusion is cast. In other words anyother Illusion Starr makes for this group will not work. This is due to a very disaterous part of the Aesir's history with a master illusionist))

The two very disgruntled, yet unwounded Einherjar sit bounded at the feet of Odin. Feeling that the have been disgraced in front of their Lord, they wish for death. However for now they sastify themselves with the knowledge that their other two free comrades are alive, and will come to their assistance soon.

The two Einherjar that Starr stabbed in his attack are left for dead on the floor. Slowly their wounds heal as they direct the force inwards. Remaining perfectly motionless until their Lord Summons them so they may fight and die in glory.

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