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*To Cracken* I'd rather be a Gamorean Dung Bug than side with a scum-sucking fascist like you. You can command obiedince, but I have one thing you'll never have-respect. I have a house army dying for me-do you think any of your troops would work for free.

And as for you, Starr, I can't say I'm really surprised. I've been around Syrnl long enough to know your stench. Something was wrong with you from the start, and that's why I hardly talked to you.

And if you destroy Coruscant, Cracken, what of your father's relics? Is he really your father? I'd have thought he could afford contraception. Clearly not. Besides, if you destroy Coruscant...

*Deac clicks his head to reveal his proverbial ace, the synthflesh on his chest pulls back to reveal the circuitry. Imbedded in it is a control panel, and a symbol meaning anti-matter*

Deac goes out in a blaze of glory. And you go too. Pathetic body, huh?

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