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Post Mmmm... Sabre...

Those are pretty cool, too bad I didnt have a chance to try any of em out...

I'm currently playing on the Highest difficulty, wich is allright. Pretty decent, I must say. Great game so far. Plot from JK I was better though.

Anyways, I usually use the light style for my sabre, I thought it wise to switch to heavy. It takes about 3 swings to take down Fyaars sheilds, and a crapload more to finish him. All you need to do is be patient, heal when needed, and never, NEVER get in a corner when his sheilds are down... He'll pound you to nothing

In all honesty, the Multi player in JK II SUCKS.

If you've ever read the PA concerning the issue, you'd know its true.

God damned lightning whores... Dont know what a Saber is...

So I jumped behind him and ran him through...
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