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((OOS: Cracken left for Coruscant already, but I'll assume the Binders were rotated the wrong way at that time ))

Starr: *incredulously* Are you people always like this? *walking around the Binders to keep facing the rotating captives, saber ignited* Can't you see that you are beaten?

Rwos: You're a fool, Hailfire...all of your kind are.
*Rwos mentally searches for the controls to the Binders on the far side of the room as he rotates. Unfortunately, he isn't familiar with the technology being used, so he comes up empty*

Starr: *looks up at Rwos* Aha, the fourth member of the party...I bet you're impressed with your friends' gullibity? Or with your own, for that matter? Did you really believe Starkiller was dead, or you could defeat my Master?

*Rwos doesn't answer*

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