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*On Coruscant, Cracken is in talks with the New Republic governement.. Things are... interesting.... *

Cracken: Gentlemen and ladies, please, you have daily burrecratic wars in takes MONTHS for anything important to be really decided. it's inefficiant, as it is... rather.... hurting to the people you represent!

Supreme Chancellor: It's what the people wish!!

Cracken: no, it''s what the people TORE from my father. rather violently, might i add. There were not talks, so political envo..

Supreme Chancellor: beccause he wouldn't allow it!

Cracken: Be cause he had the right idea.... *sigh*... let me put it this way.... *takes out a small device* see this? this controls the magnetic shielding in the Crimson Star, over head in orbit. I shut these down, and it's only 5 minutes before the anti-matter goes through the quantum armor. how many people can you get off the planet? in fact, the system? hmm? not many, i'd assume.

*The councle in in silence. they ponder the new threat*

All i ask is that conrtol be once again place in an imperial state. My father was an idiot, i think we all know that, but i learned from his petty and stupid mistakes.
*cracken places a document on the table*
I bleieve i need your signatures.

*One by one, they come, and sign. after 5 minutes, the treaty is legal. Cracken was now Emperor*

good. now, you may all stay here. there shall be no exiling, no executions. no quartering or house arrests. all i ask is a peaceful tansfer takes place.

*they all nod, and leave. The Palpatine line is once again at the throne. Cracken smiles. He places his self destruct detonates in his cloak, and places a small holoprojector ion te table. The signal goes t the capture room. Deac, and his 3 comrades see him. Star kneels*

Well, my friends, it is done. I am the ruler of te galaxy. I could give you all very nice jobs in my new regime, if you wish... a final offer, if you would. but,i doubt you will tke the offer. a pity. so foolish. the galaxy is changing, can't you see that? these... representitives will not be killed. they are my liasons to the people of the galaxy, unlike my father's rigime..
*he frowns in thought*
...... anyway, i offer you one last chance, join me.

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