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Don't worry about peeps not replying to your posts. I was in the same boat when I first came here.

There are several routes to gets lots of replies.

#1 Flame baiting - Post a topic that you know gets people angry (existance of god, abortion, whether Han Solo and Chewbacca were more than buddies, ect) and watch everyone get mad at each other.

#2 Trolling - Post on a certain subject but get it wrong somehow and everyone will come in to correct you.

#3 Post a tried and true thread formula that works such as 'Lets Count', 'Post pics of what you look like', or 'Complete the next word'.

#4 Learn the forum "culture". Certain topics just take off around here and you just have to learn what makes us tick. hehehe.

(Please don't try #1 or #2, we have to much fun around here for that mess! #3 is okay but #4 is ost welcome!)

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