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In my experience it is always the big flame wars that are the funnest. Garindan and Boba start the war. Everybody gets mad and then they pull out their light sabers. Everyone starts hiring mercenaries to fight for them. This is usually the point when Pedro comes in and calls everybody to peace. I suggest a party and offer cookies. Then for some reason or another Paul comes out of retirement and insist that we go fight the Vong. Then somebody suggests that we invite the Vong to the party. Somebody gives them some Doritos. Finally the next day the topic dies. We go back to complaining about Lucas Arts and talking about small little topics like armadillos and such. Then every few weeks or so we come up with a theme, like the movies. Everyones topics stick to that theme. Then that theme dies down. The cantina starts to die down so Garindan starts nagging Boba Rhett and the cycle repeats.

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