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You know, on second thought. I probably shouldn't post the rest of the chapter. I mean, it's twenty pages long, and then, where would the intrigue be when I get it published. Apparently, I already have two fans, so as not to give away the book, I'm afraid that you will have to wait till it is published. So, again, thank you, and as I said, more to come, just altogether not seperately.

BTW, Qwi, why not send your book around, try to get it published. I mean, the worst anyone can say is no. Right? Just get ahold of the latest copy of The Writers Market, and they will tell you how, where, and when to send your work. Really great help.

So, what's your book about anyway? how long is it? etc. What name will you send it out under? you know, details. Michael A. Stackpole's homepagehas some advice for beginning authors, as well as a weblink to his agent. You should check it out.
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