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Thanks! I'll remember that! What's your book called? When and if you get it published I'd like to buy it. You've got me hooked. So, my book? Well, it's almost 120 pages long. I know it sounds short, but I am so very proud of myself!'s basically(hehe) about a dream I had once about this person that gets sent to another world(a world full of magic) and finds out that he were really born there and that when he was young he was sent to earth. So he must fight the rule of an evil guy who has taken over while he was banished and, to add to the twist, the evil dude has placed a stone in the hearts of all who posses magic that slowly poisons their hearts and either turns them either into a wraith or kills them. Usually it kills, but in the case of powerful magic weilders it turns them to wraiths. I know, it's sort of stupid, but hey! So, what's your input?

If I ever did get it published it would be under the name of Katra Murray.

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