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It's called "Fate's Warriors" for now, and I think that will be the final name. I will probably write under the name Jacob Hart, since my real last name is way too hard to pronounce.

Anyway, its about Jarrek who you saw in the first chapter, is a bit of a clairvoyant. After he finds his wife murdered, he has a vision of her killer set eight years later, but her murderer will be guarded by twelve Shalorain Blood Warriors. Knowing where and when the killer will be but not who, Jarrek enlist the aid of Gavin, a sorceress named Sonya, and a dozen orphans found in the streets to train them to fight like him and hopefully like Blood Warriors. Through that, when the time comes eight years later, Jarrek will be able to face not only the Blood Warriors, but also exact his revenge against the sorcerer that killed his wife.

So, what starts as a revenge plot, turns out to be a training story full of inner struggle. While it is based around revenge, Jarrek is inadvertantly approaching a showdown with a sorcerer who is after a group of ancient artifacts that will give him more power than the Gods themselves.

That's all for now, what do you think?

Now, your story sounds interesting, with the setup sounding similar to Michael A. Stackpole's "An Enemy Reborn" that is, someone from our time goes to the fantasy world in question. But otherwise, it sounds totally different.
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