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Originally posted by Darth Vader:
Very Well Written Story my Friend but I have a Question Where did ya get the ideas to form this story or did ya make them up ya self ?
I started the book two years ago, an the plot was pretty different then, although still revolved around Jarrek's wife getting killed and him training kids to help him out. But, the plot and story is all totally mine. I thought of them, just not all at once.

Originally posted by Boba Fat:
Yeah cool book again Jediknight 144 and Jedi is your book about Jerec gonna be before or after jediknight(the game)? Is jerec blind yet??
No, this is not the same Jerec. Notice mine is spelled Jarrek. Ironicly, I thought of that name, before I ever knew it was a name in SW first. And, even after I saw, Jerec in JK, I couldn't change the name, cause it just fits the character.

BTW, Kurgan, why do we have to scroll sideways on this one, but not others.

Anymore questions/comments?

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