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Okay, ya know how I was trying to explain my Tenth Dimension story? This should explain some of it. It's an excerpt from the story.

The gap became wider. Space slit and opened. Unnatural colors blinded the mortal eye as time convulsed. Layers of pure black tore back; six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Life hovered on the brink of existence. Were they dead or alive? But what was death and life? Stars collided making flaming masses that pummeled the delicate black velvet of space and time. It lay in the folds of eternity and space, ripped back, falling slowly into the deep black abyss. A color of the deepest blue burned and was slowly dying. Time suddenly constricted pulling the gap closed, the force of time stopped for one millisecond, and then resumed. Stars shone brightly against the full velvet back round.

Like I said, confusing. If any of you can understand that(I can since I wrote it) tell me.

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