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((OOS: @Flax: Cracken's attack occured about a half a minute after you gave the order for retreat. The fleet couldn't have jumped out in that time, especially since the Crimson Star is large enough to produce a small gravity well. But Cracken's post indicates that he did not destroy all the fleet:
"Then, the Anti-Matter cannon pulsed with energy, and blasted a capital ship to oblivion, the shock wave taking a chunk out of two near by cruisers. The superlasers began to erupt in an impressive display of precision targeting, taking out cruiser after cruiser. then silence. Turbo lasers began licking the fighters and the remaining cruisers."
presumably as they made their escape. Note: This is way too far after Endor for the New Republic fleet to be the same as the one seen in Return of the Jedi, so do not limit your fleet to sucked anyway!

Oh and note that the Crimson Star's shields are not down any longer. I noted before that they can only go down in sections, that there are multiple reactors (without convenient shafts to go down), the superlasers can fire multiple times once charged up, and the antimatter cannon does not take a day to recharge. If you people would read over other's posts, you'd notice these kind of inconsistencies between reality and what people's characters (*cough*Starr*cough*) say

Battledog: Can you explain how you passed through the Binder like it was water, especially with no access to the Force (you were surrounded by ysalamiri, remember?)

Oh, and Deac: Re-check the continuity outline topic I posted. ^_^))

Starr: *prodding Rwos* Don't you remember? Don't you?

Rwos: *rotating* Remember what?

Starr: The prophecy. What your 'informat' told you.

Rwos: What about it?

Starr: The shadow and darkness falling over Tatooine on its path to the heart of the galaxy. He even gave you the coordinates to the very cantina in which I met Deac Starkiller.

Rwos: *neutrally* You must feel very proud of yourself.

Starr: Don't you get it yet? The beauty of it? I was the shadow, the shadow of the darkness that is my Master. And already we are in the heart of the galaxy, and you are all too late to stop us.

*Deac speaks up, clicking his head* Cracken-I have an offer for you. Take this thing out of the system--Or everybody dies. Simple as that. You have 2 minutes.

*Flax awakens*

Flax: Ah, so the prodical scum succer is revealed.

((OOS: Battledog, in your next post please explain your next action ))

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