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Re: The Starkiller/Rwos/Dinn Continuity Outline

Originally posted by Redwing

The Aeges are a powerful and ancient race of beings that can navigate both space and time to acheive their own ends. I invented them to explain the non-explainable in this continuity. There was alot.
Deac: Note the invention of the "Aeges" (that's a plural.) I have used them to explain the confusing Starkiller/Darkstar story arc by manipulating things behind the scenes to cause both the Avatars to be given up by you and Syrnl to cease their clash. To this end they have the power to alter the minds, memories and purposes of 'normal' beings, and to travel through space and time the way we sail a sea.

I have an idea: If the clash in The Cantina 6 cannot be resolved without destroying the heart of the galaxy, (or with Battledog godmoding ) do you want to bring in the Aeges to solve things? (Rwos can use telekinesis, but he doesn't know how the technology around him works, so it's kinda useless...he doesn't want to just kill them all by mistake)

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