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"Whether they find life there or not, I think Jupiter should be considered an enemy planet."

". . . And for those of you just tuning in; you missed it." --Anchorman in an actual newscast

"Gotta catch 'em all!" --Bounty Hunter Motto

"Don't open that! It's Pandora's locker. She's got issues."

"Warning: If we see you smoking, we will assume you are on fire and respond accordingly."

"I refuse any job that would force me to wear a necktie. I refuse to start the day by tying on a noose."

"Thank you for validating my inherent mistrust of strangers."

"We're rising to new depths."

"Boldly going nowhere."

"Don't sweat the petty things."
"And don't pet the sweaty things."

"You shouldn't meddle in the affairs of wizards; even if you are soggy and hard to light."

"There is intelligent life on Earth, but I'm just visiting."

"Don't look behind you; the lemmings are catching up!"

"What doesn't kill me only makes me stranger."

"With all this soul-baring, I feel that I know you. I don't feel that I like you, but I do know you." --Duggy on rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc

"The problem with troubleshooting is that, more often than not, trouble shoots back."

"Put him in command."
"But he's not even in control of his own faculties!"

(Reading the opening crawl) "It is a dark time for the Republic."
"You can't see the letters at the edge!"
". . . s a dark time for the Repu. . ."

(Overheard over the pilots' tac net) "A low-tech world? Let's go make some crop circles!"

"The ship's front panels have been torn away and replaced by some sort of tractor beam. . . The side superstructures have some sort of cargo pods bolted on, but you can't tell what for. . ."
"Cargo?" --From an RPG game

"ATTENTION ALL HANDS. . . Oh, I'll turn the volume down, sorry. . ."

"Lieutenant, your call sign is 'AAAHHH!'"

"Just for the record, Commander, we did not 'flee in terror,' we 'withdrew to a more defensible position.'"
"In terror." --from an RPG session

"Well, that's the way the Wookiee grumbles."

"If at first you don't succeed . . . Change the rules!" -James T. Kirk (Star Trek: The Return)

"I don't have a life. I have a program." -The Doctor (Star Trek Voyager "Tattoo")

"We have evolved from predators–well, not me, of course, I've just been programmed by predators." -The Doctor (Star Trek Voyager "Meld")

"If they move, shoot them. If they don't move, shoot them twice: they're probably hiding something." -Lt. Corwin (Babylon 5: The River Of Souls)

"I laugh in the face of danger! . . . Then I hide until it goes away." --Xander (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

"Well, I'm not dead or unconscious, so I say 'Hurrah for me!'" --Giles (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

"The Beasts know much that we do not." -Ancient Jedi proverb
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