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They already did. I suppose I can give you the start of the legend: The forging-as shortened version.

Furro, God of Blades has a son named Alminstar.
Alminstar has trouble with Lokpihet, God of Hate.
Almistar forges unnamed god-killing righteous blade.
Lokpihet does not like-begins heavenly war.

Alminstar and Lokpihet fight it out as Avatars on the world, and when their swords clash, they are struck by two bolts of lightning, splitting the power. Lokpihet dies but his soul becomes the Avatar of his sword, the Dark Star (Stars represent the Mrearan gods) and because Alminstar, mortally wounded, must do the same, Alminstar becomes Starkiller (named for causing Lokpihet's star to die)

[Hears cries of "So that's how it happened!"]

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