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I haven't been on lately either. And there is a very good reason for computer's practically falling apart. My network card won't work so i can't use my cable modem so i can't get on the internet. Now my cd-roms are broken so i can't restore the drivers or anything else. I think i can fix the cd-roms, but the network card is questionable. So, all that to say that i'm not sure when the next time i can get on will be. I'm at my dad's office right now, but i'm not over here often. I may fix it soon (i'm at the office looking for a new network card), or it could be a while. We probably will switch to DSL sometime soon, but that would take a while too.

I don't know what to do. I hate to make you wait, but i also hate to miss any of the action. I'll see what i can do. Sorry.

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