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Heh, I know I'm not Deac or Wraith 8, but what I have to say doesn't really have anything to do with this anyway. Actually, it has to do with what Deac said. About turning Cantina into one long (and when I say long, I mean LONG) document. To be truthful, I've been looking for a novelisation project to sink my teeth into, (I'd like to make my career one based in Creative Writing of some sort, this is a heck of a way to start) and the Cantina would be a perfect way to begin this. Obviously, it wouldn't be perfectly true to Cantina, because it's like turning a book into a movie; some things just don't translate. But, if anyone has all the Cantina threads Archived somewhere, (can I get them by just setting the read threads from: (date) far enough back, or have they been taken off XWA?) or can tell me where to get all of them, as well as get in contact w/ some of the authors, I'd love to, as my RPing days will have to be severely cut down once school starts, and I lose my scores of free time. (Believe me, it takes me a lot less time to novelize something than create a new direction for an RPG.) So, yeah, I'd love to do that, and it'd be good for everyone who could take the time to read it.

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