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Exclamation JK2 Teamplay Server

JK2 Teamplay Server (Friday, Mar 29 - 12:17 PM)

Server: (
Admin: danbeck (
Type: Linux, T1
Provided By:

Danbeck, who many of you may remember from's JediBoard (which may be revived someday) has graciously provided a gaming server for visitors of the the network! He informs me that the semi-permanent server will rotate levels with special emphasis on Team based play, including FFA, Holocron Match, Jedi Master, and CTF.
Posting this for your convenience. Email any other dedicated servers you want posted to me ( and I'll post when I get time. Also keep me updated on their status... (in a week or two I should be able to plug them into Qtracker myself).

Thanks to all who maintain them!

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