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The (Damn) Rules

Hey all, welcome to the games forum at the GFN. To keep this place somewhat sane, there have to be some guidelines followed, so here they are:

- Inactive, or "dead" game threads will be closed, so that they can be browsed freely but not resurrected. This will avoid unecessary "bumping" of long-dead threads.

- Only one active thread per game type. This place needs to stay orderly or I'll most likely kill it. Therefore, we can't have 10 different word link threads going at once.

- Once a thread is closed, a new game of the same type can be started in a new thread, unless otherwise stated by a moderator.

- This forum does not add to your post count total.

These rules will be revised and updated (by myself or other mods) as needed, so be sure to check back at this thread.

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