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OK OK OK hold up.

The codes work , i punched them in just today.
(just started JK2-been playing MOHAA ; ))

Here what u do :

1)get 3 codes blue,green and red.
Don't ask me where I don't know. When u press tab U should have 3 color codes listed.--Tip :Run around,press all switches,
look at bright flashy screens till ur eyes burn.

2)Go to main terminal, after u have switched it on(there is a button high up on the wall,just look up and turn till u see a button.)

3)For "RED"-code : Stand so that when u look up u see the red icon on the opposite wall.(u should be standi'n in the center of the room next to the main terminal.)

4)punch in red code-use all 3 screens- till image in center screen matches exaclty image in Datapad/Objective.
P.S : if u have entered it correctly ur datapad will say "Objectives blah blah Updated"

5)Next color -Follow step .2) to .4)

It doesn't matter which color u enter first just as long as u enter all three at their respective terminals.
Success: The fourth walkway should extend, u walk over to door,
go to next part.

GO..go on! U don't know what's in store for u! HAAA...HAA..HA..

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