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Re: A Republic Gunship we can all live with!

Originally posted by Darth Windu
Ok, now most of will know that i really, really, really, really, really (you get the idea) want the Republic Gunship as a second Republic Unique Unit.

In other words you are obsessed.

Even though the majotiy of people surveyed about this issue want the gunship as the second UU

The key words are "of people surveyed", or those that bothered to enter the thread and vote. Think vocal minorities. I have already explained this many times, there is no need for me to explain it here. Plus, looking at this poll, you are the only one to have voted for the gunship as a UU. Seems the toybox idea (which I voted for) is the more popular one. And do you honestly think you will get a fair vote and run into much opposition anyway on your fourth thread about it? Only those who really want the gunship to be a UU will bother to vote at all, with a few exceptions.

there has been bitter opposition by two members of this forum,

Me and Sith? It's the bitter opposition of the voice of reason. The two of the many against the idea who bothered to post against it. Besides, someone has to keep your imagination in check.

although at least one (and i hope both) seem's willing to negotiate on the issue.

Sith willing to negotiate?!? ROFLMAO!! Why? He probably took the "windu=stupid" out because he didnt want you running to daddy about it like you probably did with my signature. OTOH, I am willing to negotiate on the issue and think the gunship could be a toybox unit. That is as far as I would compromise.

I have therefore decided to come up with this post to see what the community would want, as per the poll. As always, discussion/debate ion this issue (and only this issue) is welcomed.
Congratulations, your fourth gunship-related thread, plus one started by someone else that you attempted to turn into a flame war. And your second gunship poll!

DarthmaulUK - i would like this to be the only Gunship thread by me on the board. So i ask if you could either close or delete the other's i have created about the Gunship issue.
LoL, are you sure you don't just want your "pearls of stupidity" to be permanently buried?
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