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Well, to be honest, the guy's version was a ahem.. "pirated" copy from Syria, but believe me there is sound!!!! My mate had played it long ago when 386s were the fastest things you could buy!

I was attempting to play it on MY computer after a disappointing attempt on his, and there was a nasty "feedback" like squeal instead of the nice FoA muzak!

And my PC has a Soundblaster sound card (a CM8338 PCI Record [E400]) - whatever that means, is a scummy Celeron II running at a nicely overclocked 414Mhz and a Voodoo 3 graphics card - which I really doubt FoA would need....

Anyway, my secret shame is that I originally played it on my Commodore Amiga 1200... Ahh, those were that days(!)


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