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Re: Re: Re: A Republic Gunship we can all live with!

Originally posted by Kryllith

Ummm, not to knock on you, but if you're going to argue that Windu has to limit the supporters of his idea to those that voted, then you ALSO have to follow the same limitations. Just because someone didn't bother to vote or post does not automatically put them as one of the "many against the idea."

No, I agree that just because they did not bother to vote doesn't mean that they are against the idea. They could be indifferent, or they could have not seen the thread. But most likely, if somone is for the idea and has seen the thread they will want to see the idea acted upon and will vote and/or post yes. If there was a poll and 100 people see it, and there are 20 votes yes, and 10 votes no, then it would look like the majority is for the idea when it is probably not so. Of the 70 that saw the thread and ignored it, they are likely either indifferent or against it. Those against it will think "they won't change it anyway why bother" and those indifferent simply won't care enough to vote. However, very few people who liked the idea would look at the thread for the idea and not bother voting. A more accurate poll would have to get those who are not voting to take interest and vote. If a poll started by someone from Lucasarts was called "Considering adding Gunship UU for Republic, want community opinion!" then the results would probably be different. People who hadnt bothered before would suddenly realize that the idea might actually be added, and hurriedly vote no.
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