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the fixes

Welcome to Raven Software's Finger Service V1.6!

Name: Kenn Hoekstra
Description: Project Admin
Project: General
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Last Updated: 07/10/2002 16:13:07 (Central Standard Time)
Wednesday, July 10th, 2002 - Important Jedi Outcast Info:

LucasArts will be releasing the 1.04 update for Jedi Knight II:
Jedi Outcast tomorrow (Thursday) evening on their website at
Feel free to download and mirror it once it is available.

The update includes all of the fixes from 1.03, so if you don’t
have that update yet, this is the only one you’ll need. A list
of the changes in 1.03 can be found here:

The primary focus of 1.04 is multiplayer balance.

Some of the features/fixes include:

* Corrected issue which caused servers to crash in rare
* Corrected issue causing damage not to ramp up and down
properly when using the backstab move in light saber stance.
* Corrected bug allowing players to pivot while executing
backstab moves in all stances. Players may no longer pivot
when executing these moves.
* Fixed bug causing force pull to be unblockable by people
with equal or greater pull rank.
* Adjusted ammo usage of the Imperial repeater alt-fire.
* Fixed bug allowing inventory items to be used in FFA saber
* Corrected an exploit which allowed players to fall from
large heights at a slow rate.
* Corrected issue which caused pain sounds not to play
properly when hit by opponents. Pain sounds should now be
relative to the amount of damage taken.

New dedicated servers will also be released tomorrow. We'll send
those out to all of the gaming file sites so you’ll be able to get
new servers set up immediately.

A few other notes on 1.04:

- Saved games are unaffected from 1.03
- Demos recorded using 1.03 are not compatible with 1.04
- Mod makers will have to update their mods to reflect new the
IP protocol introduced in 1.04. This will be a minor adjustment
to your existing mod stuffs.
- Once you upgrade to 1.04, only servers running version 1.04
will be visible in your in game browser. There may be a short
period of time where there are few 1.04 servers to play on as
server admins update to the new version.

Thanks! We appreciate your continued support of Jedi Outcast in
the online community.

Alliance of the Jedi (AOJ)
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