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Originally posted by cjais
Well, it appears that the blue stance backstab is the only one that gets reduced damage (of sorts), so we'll probably still see assfighting.

Kicking might be the new trend.

I think the patch is a small step, but an important one. It could have done so many things better (IMHO, of course) but apparently only handles the "serious issues"...

Well, I'm not gonna sit here and whine away while I haven't even played it yet, so I'll wait till I've played the patch before making other smart-ass comments.

-Jais out.
I don't think you'll see any assfighting. On my server people either stop or get upset and leave - it just can't be done.

Basically this patch is an official patch version of the '1.04' source compiled mod.

I wish my gaming host would reset my server so I could demonstrate this to you guys.
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