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Originally posted by QuietSith
I think it'll fix many key issues already in the unofficial patch 1.04 compiled source release.

As for force balances.. you can do a lot of stuff yourself.

I run my server with the following settins - and most likely still will with the new official patch:

Rage and Honor settings (in server.cfg):

seta g_forceregentime 100 - 1.02 style force regeneration.
seta g_saberghoul2collision 0 - Minimal auto-saber blocking.
seta g_sabertracesaberfirst 0 - Minimal auto-saber blocking.
seta sv_allowdownload 1 - Won't be relevant ...
seta g_dismember 300 - Dismemberment on (we prefer 300 over 2 - it's more fancy looking).

Note To Clients: Clients need to set /cg_dismember 300 (in console) to see dismemberment.
Wow long codes....think Raven should include all these setting in the Game Setting Menu? It'd be much easier...

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