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Originally posted by crazyplaya73
As long as they don't nurf the saber damage completely and duels take 10 minutes it will be playable but I am very skeptical. Raven has a history now of taking away / nurfing deadly moves in the game to appease the cry babies.
It's going to be 1.04 compiled source into an official patch.

I'm convinced of that and I have good reason to believe it - since that's what I (and many others) basically asked for.

No, I am not the lone person who gets all he wanted. But I did manage to directly contact LA (as I'm sure many others did) and they focused on what was shown to them - which was simply revealing what a lot of people wanted - at least I believe that - and if it's true, that's what we get.

This won't eliminate any mods, and things like your Duel_SE mod will still get promoted and used.

This just brings us away from some of the issues in 1.03.

That's all.

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