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Originally posted by Homosexual Ewok

I'll go to v1.04, got to roll with the punches so to speak.

What cjais said about kicking is true. I stated this in one of my 300+ posts a while back.

The backstab/pull stuff was in v1.02, but the DFA was easier so no one used it.

Now with the fixed player stance (not that I have a problem with this, mind you) you are going to see kicks a Hell of a lot more.
The bottom line is with the parry and knock-aways that were introduced in v1.03, and the decreased saber damage, believe it or not, you can actually kick a person to death almost twice as fast when compared to using only normal saber swings.
This really does not affect me, because kicks have always been a large part of my play style. But consider yourself warned if you don't know how to defend against kicks.

I was kind of hoping for a little bump for Dark Side users, but oh well.
The fixed backstab was always IMO, a good idea. I just made the best of a situation when I used a mouse spin in mine.
Fair enough.

I was always hoping there would be a way for a server to not simply turn forces on or off, or general maxforcerank - but rather the actual force ranks of each individual force - and have that expressed via server rules so people develop filters for it.

That would be in a perfect server admin world.

You're right - there's always going to be people spamming moves.

In my opinion - which you've heard too many times - it's a question of aesthetics - immersion - not so much gameplay balance (that will always depend on player style - you've convinced me of that - yes you were right).

At least kicks 'look real' and are 'plausible'.

I didn't see the 3 Muskateers running around backwards.
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