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Originally posted by cjais
Well, I'm no expert on backstabs, so I ask you guys instead - How much does the "pivoting" in backstabs matter?
They are still just as deadly no?
That is my assumption on the continued backstabbing - they give the same damage, even though they hit SLIGHTY worse now.

And instead of "Jedi Knight 2 jedi outcast" - We *might* have to change the name to "Karate Knight 2 Dojo outcast".... *lol*....

One thing I'm curious about though: Will the "slower fall rate"-fix mean NO AIR-LUNGES AT ALL? I don't care really, but some folks have based their entire fighting style on the air-lunge, so who knows?

I have played the U104 since it came out. The list (from the link uptop) of what the official 1.04 changes is almost identical to U104 which fixed the following as far as saber combat:

Blue Stance: No more air lunges. The backflip/frontlunge bug has been removed where you have to complete the flip before beggining the lunge, and No more "floating down" from very high without taking damage.

Also, you can't "spin" in any stance when doing a BS, its fixed point so it is A LOT harder to time and make contact. Even if you do, it is not a one hit kill anymore on someone with full health and shields. This damage adjustment applied to all stances and finishing moves. There was more, some weapons loadouts and firing rates were tweaked, etc.

So ya, making the BS fixed point and not being able to turn or spin around takes all the appeal out of the move 1.03 gave it for those that only use IT. It will still be a viable move when timed right but is no longer the one hit kill wonder.

One thing is for sure, as soon as the OFFICIAL 1.04 is released tommorow, we will know for sure.

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