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Re: 1.04 Is a BAAAAAAD IDEA!

Originally posted by Cyris
As well... not being able to turn in your lunge is homo. It gives a sense of aim.
Err if you can turn in your lunge aiming becomes totally unnecessary.

I think that making 1.04 will just give an advantage to the newbs because they attack by blue spam which will now be harder to defend without the use of the spinning backspin in yellow and red. Plus Ill lose all my demos... I dont like this chit at all.....
a) Medium DFA
b) Forward Lunge
c) Heavy regular overhead slash
d) If they're "newbs" I'll assume they don't have absorb so... EVERY Darkside power.
e) The patch is to fix the damn spinning backspin you laud that's the easiest way to kill anyone now.
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