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Originally posted by Demise_SOK
Well, I can't believe this. Totally unexpected- I thought the game would never be touched again by the company.

The changes sound good, unfortunately, it appears that auto-block rates haven't been lowered . I think the increase in Auto-blocks when you have out-manuvered your opponent is what makes duels so goddamn long and is the biggest change to saber combat from the original version.

For those who think that your going to get backstabbed less- dream on. If they haven't lowered damage on this move you will still be getting owned. The best players don't need to get you on the ground to land it on you, they can turn and initiate it before you can move.

IMO backstab should as much damage as a hit from a med twirl. But, maybe they changed it so the damage varies based on the saber style you are using without annoucing it.

I think that the new spam move we will see on the rise is force push then DFA, since I doubt many players will max both push and pull.

It really does prevent the assfighting - I'm using the 1.04 unofficial patch/mod on my server, and it prevents it - come on my server and find out - no I'm not advertising the mod - just trying to give you a sense of what the official patch will be like.

The only time backstab may one hit kill is when person has saber down.

As for blocking, servers just need to do this:

seta g_saberghoul2collision 0 - Minimal auto-saber blocking.
seta g_sabertracesaberfirst 0 - Minimal auto-saber blocking.

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