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Well as long as they keep fixing only one abused move per patch... that leaves kicking as the move to spam.

As far as the assfighting goes, most of the "elite" players rely heavily on their superfast spinning midair backstabs to kill people. Now they say that this is just the fastest way to do it, and that they dont need to use it to win, and that may be true, but of course they never DO seem to win without using it...

As long as there is something that kills faster than something else and is easy to use.. well, the spammers will always be there. Hopeful though it will not become what assfighting is now.

I remember DFAers being shunned by almost everyone in the servers when that was the abused attack. What is really disturbing is how now its the opposite, if you aren't whirling around with your ass in the air you're now the n00b. It really is disconcerting and says a lot about the 'community'.

Face it, most of the community is immature and young, with all the character flaws that that entails. I'm not making a blanket statement saying that all young people act immature, but the bulk of this community IS. it may not be entirely visible on these boards, and certaily the CORE of the JK fan populace is very straight forward and honorable, but unfortunatley... a ton of people that actually play are just real jerks, and of course the lack of accountability that hiding behind a computer provides is just a bad game waiting to happen.

Things to abuse are what really make these asses shine (pun intended), and as soon as these stupid one hit kill moves are dealt with, I think we'll all find the gameplay and community stabilizing into something a bit less... childish, I guess.
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