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You could air kick in 1.02 too....
Do it all the time... just tap again when in mid air and close to your opponent...

Originally posted by cjais
I agree Nerf, kicks are NO problem to execute.
And the 2tap kicks allows you to air-kick people, something that is truly cool.

If air-lunge is removed, I guess some people will have to rethink their spammage.

The backstab change might spell the doom for assfighters and cheap shots, but I'll just have to wait and see like the rest. Gonna be exciting....

I have fixed feelings about the blocking though; in duels the high block rate is the best thing since toasted toast, but in FFA's and CTF's the block rate is a chore. I just wish that they could do the blockrate not unlike a golden middle between 1.02 and 1.03.

And then there's the force balance issues, but I rarely play FF so I'm not that qualified to speak about that...

I'm just hoping this patch doesn't equals maximum kicking spammage. I really hope it doesn't...

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