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Uhhh... hello people.
Sorry to disrupt your little.. fight, but I'd like to offer my opinion.
I've gone through a whole bunch of Windu's threads on this topic, and I've figured out some stuff.
This may already have been covered but i got here late...
1. It's wrong to have the "gunship" as the Republic fighter... the very name "Gunship" shows that it would be far stronger than a fighter.
2. It should be a unique unit, but maybe consider it tech 4 like the a-wing.
3. It should be able to transport a couple of units, say 5.
4. It should have dual attack- has been done before, game engine should handle it, i don't know much about programming but surely it could be done. Even if the weapon is the same, that's ok i guess.
5. It should be weaker (in HP terms) than the transport and slower than the fighter, otherwise both would be outdated.
6. Its air to air attack should be far weaker than its air to ground attack, but not sooo bad it is overlooked.
7. Its air to ground attack should be specialized vs. troopers. That's basically what it did in the movie- mowed down hordes of droids. I think.
I agree that it should be a UU- i really like it- but don't overpower it or as simwiz said, it'll screw up the entire carefully made balance.

Stupid Safety Warnings:
Caution! You could be killed if you collide with a large truck while driving this small car!
Warning! This knife has a sharp edge- do not press against your throat!
Danger! Matches can create fire that may burn you!
And, last but not least:
Caution! Do not point this gun at someone and pull the trigger!
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