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Originally posted by V-tecc
Sure its not hard... only harder... hence irritating and unnecessary...

It should be an option in the controls-menu: kick= 1tap/2tap..

But that wasn't my main problem, the worst thing was:

-Nerfed Red Stance = Ok... dfa.. but the rest?
-Nerfed Drain = way to nerfed
-Nerfed Grip = Why?? - Who had problems with that?

And the blocking... random blocks = less skill, well timed hits getting blocked was a big boo-boo.

I agree with you on the force issues, but why was red stance nerfed? Most people still think it's the cream of saberfighting.

I won't agree with you on the "random blocks", especially not since 1.02 was "You MIGHT block (if you're lucky) if facing your opponent perfectly. But don't flame me for this, and turn this thread into another v2 vs v3 argument.
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