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Originally posted by cjais

I agree with you on the force issues, but why was red stance nerfed? Most people still think it's the cream of saberfighting.

I won't agree with you on the "random blocks", especially not since 1.02 was "You MIGHT block (if you're lucky) if facing your opponent perfectly. But don't flame me for this, and turn this thread into another v2 vs v3 argument.
I agree... just want to give some last words

What's more skill full?
Almost no blocking... vs Random blocks?

"You MIGHT block (if you're lucky)" <-My point exactly... less luck, more skill.

This means that I can hit you with a perfect hit.. and you can still be "lucky" enough to have the game block it for you.... fair? - Naah..

And as for: "Most people still think it's the cream of saber fighting"
There was no way to spam the red stance (without the DFA that is.)... It was slow, yet when used skillfully... deadly... So if you hit and miss.. you leave your self open. - This means that you had to be pretty good at it to excel with it.

Not like the other stances: "Hack him to death... may the luckiest man win! ... yes .. may the power of the block be with you, dude" :=)

But you're right... lets discuss 1.04 (Hope there is more fixed then what we know already)

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