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Re: Re: Re: Re: A Republic Gunship we can all live with!

Originally posted by simwiz2
If a poll started by someone from Lucasarts was called "Considering adding Gunship UU for Republic, want community opinion!" then the results would probably be different. People who hadnt bothered before would suddenly realize that the idea might actually be added, and hurriedly vote no.
Certainly, though it could hold true for the other end of the spectrum as well. People who don't really worry about voting might decide that if LucasArts is reading this and seriously considering making the change that they might vote for it. I think it might be an interesting unique unit, though I think that if implimentation were made that the original reb air transport might be modified a little (either in the amount of things it can carry or what it can carry). BTW, I haven't voted.

Course, if it were added as a cheat unit, then I'd probably just go ahead and make it make the overboard gunship that people talked about before (carries 10 units, numerous individual-targeting lasers, etc.) We're talking about cheating here after all.

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