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Ok I have been modding JK2 since it came out and all changes were aimed balancing the swordplay. The mod was not publicized, but it was up most of the time on our SKX servers.

Right now it seems that 1.04 is virtually the same as 1.03a. I must note that 1.03a sucked quite a lot in some points.

Back roll %30 percent shorter.
You run backward slower.
You slow down even more if you are doing a move in heavier stances (a bit for yellow and a lot for red).
Tracing sucked a lot due to their lag-reducing optimization, great number of hits didnt score right.
Yellow has significantly shorter range.

There's more but i cant remember right now. It was pretty sad even considering fixed backstab and faster yellow spins and people didnt want to play that until problems were dealt with. All of this was fixed manually by me in my code, however i am afraid that some (if not all) of these issues can make their way to 1.04.

Another question for all:
When the source for 1.04 is gonna be relesed so the "minor adjustment" can be done?
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